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Globally - Responsibly - Effectively

The basis for the decision to carry out the project was an analysis of the activities of the Foundation in 2010-2016 and consultations with active teachers, particularly in terms of the purposefulness and aptness of using the tools proposed in the project to carry out global education in the perspective of Sustainable Development Goals. The above evaluation made it possible to diagnose the needs of teachers and students who were the addressees of the Foundation’s activities.

The most important need is the regular activation of school children and young people in the sphere of global education, with the use of attractive tools that will strengthen the durability of the absorbed contents and their perception, as well as regular support for the teachers (knowledge – tools – experience).

Globally - Responsibly - Effectively

The aim of the project is to prepare teachers, young people and children to face the challenges of today’s world, to make them aware of the significance of global processes and interdependencies as well as the fact of intermingling of cultures, environments, or different economic, social, political and technological systems. The idea of the project is also to encourage recipients to reflect in a mature way on the problems of today’s world and to promote direct involvement in activities that can benefit everybody.

The following are direct project participants:

  • teachers (60 persons) from all over Poland (level I-III, IV-VIII, secondary schools and vocational schools), participants of certified training programmes in 2018 (Module I).
  • 15 teachers from all over Poland (level I-III, IV-VIII, secondary schools and vocational schools) participants of certified training programmes “Modern global education incubator” in 2019 (Module II).
  • 12 teachers from all over Poland (level I-III, IV-VIII, secondary schools and vocational schools), participants of the Summer School for new global education leaders in 2019 (Module II).
  • school children and young people (about 900 persons) taking part in lessons/events conducted by teachers, participants of training in 2018 (Module I).
  • school children and young people (about 300 persons) taking part in tasks carried out by participants of the ”Modern global education incubator” in 2019 (Module II).
  • recipients of the Global Education Tools – about 500 persons (internet users).

The following activities are planned:       

  1. Launching the Global Education Tools online.
  2. Conducting four certified training sessions for 60 teachers from all over Poland.
  3. During the Global Education Week, teachers who had participated in earlier training are to conduct lessons on the basis of their own scenarios and with the use of a selected tool.

The project consists of modules and is scheduled for two years. It is implemented in partnership with the Voivodeship Public Library in Cracow.

Globally - Responsibly - Effectively

The activities carried out in 2018 were adjusted to the needs and perception of the beneficiaries. Furthermore, the continuous expert assistance made it possible to bring into life the ideas that course participants had wished to implement in their institutions. Consequently, the educational ideas created by course participants encouraged a large number of people (teachers) to become engaged in implementing the tasks with students, even though they had not participated in the course directly. They gained their knowledge from course participants and the Global Education Toolkit (226 teachers and 17 school principals). It needs to be stressed that two project participants conducted training on global education for the entire board of teachers in their schools and one participant conducted training for parents during a parent-teacher conference. 

The results accomplished during the first module are as follows:

  • The Global Education Toolkit [Narzędziownik Edukacji Globalnej], an on-line educational platform for teachers and educators www.glob.org.pl.
  • The participants trained in the notion of global education and using modern technologies to cover issues connected with global education during school lessons - 61 people altogether.
  • Students at different educational levels trained by the participants of courses for teachers during the Global Education Week (GEW 2018) - 6,907 people altogether (including 5,299 students, 226 teachers who are not directly connected with the project, 17 school principals, 120 pre-school pupils, 113 people in exhibition audiences, 215 parents).
  • Events/lessons organised by course participants for teachers by employing the tools they learned during their courses - 172 (including 127 within the framework of GEW 2018).
  • School students acquiring knowledge on issues connected with global education within the framework of the GEW 2018 initiative - 5,299 people.
  • Recipients of the Global Education Toolkit expanding their knowledge on global education, primarily in the light of the Sustainable Development Goals - 2,300 people.
  • Participants of courses for teachers acquiring new skills, knowledge and tools to implement the content of global education included in the core curriculum - 60 people.