Polska pomoc


Global head rush

The project was implemented between  June and 31 December 2011 in Tczew in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Its aim was to increase knowledge of the residents of the Tczew district about the developmental problems and challenges around the world, and the global developmental interdependences. The coordinator of the project was the Generations Foundation.

The main element of the project was organising a theme outdoor event in a form of an urban picnic “Global head rush”, an action of exchange of items and a selective collection of waste “Exchange for a change”, and ecological educational meetings “East or West, home is best”. The whole project was concluded at the District Volunteering Fair, with an additional lecture about the Millennium Development Goals and the Polish Aid programme.

The organisation of the urban picnic and accompanying events was aimed at suggesting to the local residents an attractive form of involvement in activities related to global elations and responsible consumption, and especially the concept of recycling. The outdoor event was divided into 4 thematic zones: ecology, fair trade, human rights and multiculturalism, during which the organisers sought to bring the global issues closer to the participants in an interesting way.

A total of 800 people participated in all the activities of the project, including 500 who took part in the urban picnic. The amount of distributed educational and promotional materials about responsible consumption equalled 3,800 copies. The project contributed as well to an agreement between the municipality of Tczew and the Tczew waste disposal facility in the field of good practices of implementing and promoting global education in the region.