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Global education series on TV program "TBDNS"

As part of the project, every third Saturday of the month from August to December 2013, the weekly program of Polsat News “To był tydzień na świecie” ("That was a week in the world") aired short documentaries on issues related to global education. The cycle was divided into two parts - the issuance of a news report, movie footage or interview and a discussion in the studio.

The program “To był tydzień na świecie” is a geopolitical magazine, featuring comments, analysis and reports from around the world. The overall objective of the project is global education of the society and global education of the reporters and editors of the Polish media, by including them in the process of project implementation. The long-term goal of the project is strengthening cooperation between non-governmental sector and actors involved in development cooperation and the media. The project was based on collaboration with Polsat Television. The subsidy provided by the MFA amounted to 99 thousand PLN.

The broadcasts presented reports on global warming (the Maldives), illegal migration of Africans to Europe (Malta), the elimination of long-term consequences of environmental disasters (Chernobyl, Ukraine), problems and conflicts related to water supply (Kyrgyzstan), creation of new jobs not keeping up with the population growth in Africa (Uganda).