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Global education of children can change our world

22 kindergartens from Wroclaw participated in the project implemented between 15 May and 31December 2012. The aim of the project was to complement the educational offer in the field of global education in kindergartens, using the elements of the intergenerational dialogue. The project was addressed to kindergartens and preschools.

9 three-day trainings for the kindergarten teachers were organised as part of the project. Their purpose was to familiarise the participants with the issues of global education and the possible ways of implementing it in Poland. In total, 46 teachers attended the trainings. The teachers used the newly acquired methods during their classes on global education.

The Global Education Week was organised as well. It included activities for children, their parents and grandparents. Most of the educational, artistic and movement activities during the Week were related to the topics of global education. Some of the kindergartens introduced traditional dishes from foreign countries as part of their menus. Several activities involved the parents and grandparents in the educational process. In total, 2000 children participated in the global education activities forming part of the Week. More than 700 parents and grandparents were involved in organising and participation in the activities of the Global Education Week.

A manual for teaching global education in kindergartens was created and published in 1,000 copies and as an application for mobile systems.  It contains the basic methodology of global education in kindergartens, lesson plans and the description of the activities of the Global Education Week in Wrocław. The electronic version of the manual is available at: http://www.silesius.org.pl/uploads/AS_Publikacja_2013.pdf.