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Global education lesson in Suchedniów

On 15 July 2014 a global education lesson was held at the Society of the Friends of Children in Suchedniów, organized by the Kielce's Regional Centre of International Debate. The meeting was attended by 30 participants aged 5-13. The main topics included: globalisation, poverty, fair trade, migration and refugees.

Participants learned e.g. how events taking place in one place in the world influence what is happening in other countries, the causes of poverty were also discussed. The children were very interested in the topic of excessive consumption. The part of the meeting dedicated to migrants and refugees included a discussion of the situation on migrants in Poland and in the world.

The Kielce RCID consultants also talked about the primary principles of the Polish Aid Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and explained why Poland belongs to the donor countries of development aid.

During the meeting, short films about Polish Development Aid were played: Nadzieja na lepsze jutro (Hope for a better tomorrow) – a film about Polish aid in Georgia, and Kolory wspomnień (The Colours of memories) – a film about the situation of Syrian refugees and an educational project for Syrian children implemented by CARITAS Polska under the Polish development aid programme.

The presentation concluded with a quiz checking the knowledge gained by the participants.

The children gained basic knowledge about the globalisation, the division into the Global North and Global South, and the problems caused by poverty and excessive consumption. The participants also learned the basic principles of the Polish Aid programme.

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