Polska pomoc


Global education in special needs education

The project was implemented in Poland between 1st of June and 31st of December 2013, and was executed by the Christian Charity Service. It was focused on bridging the gap in the area of global education in teaching people with special needs. The project was aimed at the students of pedagogy and special education, who currently work or will work with children with hearing or visual impairment, or behavior disorders.

The project encompassed an “Interdisciplinary Summer School of Global Education”, which was attended by 25 students of pedagogy and special education. The courses included over 60 hours of lectures, integrating workshops, consultations and film screenings. The course took place in Nasutów near Lublin from 3rd to 10th of September. Using the gained knowledge, the participants organised several educational initiatives, which were attended by over 370 children and adolescents during the Global Education Week.

An informational packet regarding teaching people with special needs was developed and distributed among the institutions and schools. Electronic version of the publication (in Polish) is available to anyone interested in the subject.

Additionally, on the 13th of December 2013 an expert debate dedicated to introducing the topics of global education into teaching people with special needs was organised in the Centre for Thought of John Paul II.