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Global education in school educational projects

The project “Global education is school educational projects”, coordinated by the Centre for Education Development, was addressed to students and teachers all over Poland. It was implemented between 10 April and 31 December 2011. The project was a continuation of activities carried out in the previous years (2007-2011), and its aim was to motivate, inspire and support teachers, educators and officers interested in implementing global education in school.

As part of the project, 16 coordinators were trained to implement planned activities. 18 conferences promoting the project and tackling main topics of the global education were organised in 16 regions in Poland, and were attended by a total of 548 teachers from all over the country. 16 workshops about writing and implementing educational projects and initiatives related to the topics of global education were organised as well. Educational materials about global education were prepared and sent to 500 schools (the package consisted of publications, multimedia materials, films). An e-training (a 40-hour course on http://www.edukacjaglobalna.ore.edu.pl/) was also carried out.

Another component was a competition for the best school educational project, in which 13 secondary schools were awarded. In 16 regions of Poland there were meetings with volunteers who had participated in programmes in Africa, Latin America and Asia. In total, 21 meetings were organised, that were attended by 1,848 students.

The conference promoting the actions of global education, that concluded the whole project, was attended by 81 people.