Polska pomoc


Global education in regions

The project was addressed to the Polish society, and its implementation took place in 16 capitals of voivodeships, from the 1st of June until the 31st of December 2012. The project was coordinated by the New Media Foundation.

The project aimed at the problem of insufficient knowledge associated with the global education and the problems of the developing countries. By building a nationwide network of animators of global education, who after the training would carry out educational activities (e.g. workshops for students and teachers), the project inspired raising public awareness of the problems of the Global South.

The main objective of the project was to organise training sessions for the volunteers who, basing on the acquired knowledge and lesson plans, would be able to conduct activities related to human rights, cultural diversity and sustainable development at schools. During the training, several workshops and meetings with experts and academics from the area of global education were arranged.

As part of the project, 6 animators of global education were trained. They participated in 40 workshops related to the area of the global education. The direct beneficiaries of the project were the students and the teachers from the schools that hosted the workshops carried out by the volunteers.  The educational activities were organized in 40 schools all over Poland. Additionally, a contest for the best multimedia presentation was organized among the students that participated in the project, and new materials for the virtual database of the global education were created. In total, 530 students participated in the activities of the project.