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Global education 2018-2020. Regranting for NGOs

In Poland, the subject of global education is still inadequately present in the formal education system, and apart from the greater urban agglomerations, its presence is poorer in non-formal education or even in the minds of adult Poles. The idea of the project is to raise the interest of local NGOs and – thanks to the co-financing for the projects planned by them – to reach the residents of smaller localities with information on global education (villages and towns with less than 500,000 residents).

Regranting is addressed to two groups of organisations: path A is for organisations with great experience in global education activities; path B is for organisations without experience or with little experience.

In 2005-2017, the Education for Democracy Foundation carried out 12 editions of regranting, contributing to the implementation of more than 320 projects, addressed to nearly 190,000 people all over Poland.

Global education 2018-2020. Regranting for NGOs

The project was initiated on 1 June 2018. It is a module project, planned for the years 2018-2020. The range of the project is all of Poland, with the exception of activities addressed to residents of towns with more than 500,000 residents (Cracow, Lodz, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw). The implementing entities of projects co-financed under regranting will conduct their activities in various locations throughout Poland.

The aim is to provide financial support for well prepared, high-quality projects dealing with global education, and consequently to improve knowledge and awareness regarding these matters among the addressees of the co-financed activities.

The Education for Democracy Foundation organises a call for proposals for global education initiatives, the evaluation process, signing of contracts with selected NGOs and will monitor the implementation of projects and auditing of accounts. In the grant competition, organisations will be able to apply for grants in two paths: A (up to PLN 35,000) and B (up to PLN 8,000) – altogether in 2018 the amount of PLN 478,060 will be distributed. The co-financed projects will be implemented from 12 September to 30 November 2018 and about 6,000 residents of Poland are expected to take part in them.

The total amount of co-financing over three years of the project’s implementation is PLN 1,800,000 (PLN 600,000 a year) and is equal to the whole value of the project.