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Global education - 2013. Regranting for NGOs

The project was implemented from the 26th of April to the 31st of December 2013 by the Foundation Education for Democracy. It concentrated on determining and funding the best offers of small projects related to the global education. The grants were to be distributed to the organisations  working in towns with the number of residents not higher than 500,000.

As part of the project, a grant competition was conducted, and 157 project proposals were received. From those, 29 projects submitted by 26 applicants were selected, 14 of whom had not dealt with the global education before. The total amount of awarded grants equalled 523,835 PLN.

As a result of completing the funded activities the level of knowledge and awareness of the final beneficiaries’ (social institutions, children, adolescents, students, teachers, local community) regarding global education has risen noticeably. Moreover, many direct beneficiaries (non-governmental organisations) strengthened their potential (they have gained volunteers, prepared new materials, or trained their personnel), what will influence the quality of the future projects they will coordinate. To promote the project, a website was created: www.eg.edudemo.org.pl.

The advisory and informational component took two consultative meetings (3rd of June in Warsaw and 4th of June in Krakow) and 4 seminars on conducting workshops as a working method in global education (7th of June), organising location-based games (10th of June), a global dimension of human rights (17th of September) and responsible consumption (9th of October). The grantees were offered three online trainings: copyright on the internet, project evaluation, and settlement and reporting of the project.