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Global education - 2012. Regranting for NGOs

The project was implemented between 8th May and 31st December 2012 by the Foundation Education for Democracy. It aimed at identifying and funding the best proposals for small projects in the field of global education.

As part of the project, a grant competition was conducted. It received 71 project proposals, from which 26 projects were selected to receive funding. The total amount of grants amounted to 368,230 PLN.

As a result of the funded activities, the level of knowledge and awareness of the global education was raised among the beneficiaries of the project (social organisations, children, adolescents, students, teachers, local communities, etc.). What is more, many direct beneficiaries (NGOs) strengthened their potential (acquired volunteers, developed materials, trained their personnel), what will improve the quality of their future projects. To help with promotion of the project, a website was created.

The training component included an e-course on global education (31 participants), and a stationary training on 7-9 September 2012 in Jachranka near Warsaw (16 participants). An online help-desk was launched and a contest for mini-grants was conducted.

In total, the project activities were attended by 15,000 Polish residents from the towns with less than 500,000 inhabitants.