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Global Education with Class

The project, coordinated by the Foundation Centre for Citizenship Education, was implemented between 1 June and 31 December 2011. It aimed to raise competences of secondary school teachers from all Poland in conducting global education lessons, and to develop educational materials of that field.

114 teachers participated in the project, and 88 of them completed the on-line course “Global Education with Class”. Preparation of the materials used during the course was one of the components of the project. The training was divided into 4 modules, each one consisting of information about one of four global education issues: responsible consumption (module 1), poverty (module 2), migrations (module 3), and climate change (module 4). As part of the course, classroom trainings were also organised, and were attended by a total of 85 teachers.

As part of the project, 1,000 copies of publications “World within your reach”, “World in the classroom” were developed. They include independent lesson plans for form periods and scenarios to be used during subject classes. The materials were sent to 892 teachers from all over Poland. Electronic versions of the publications are available (in Polish) on the website of the project’s coordinator.