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Global Education promotion through adjusting Development Education Park to families with children and accompanying events organisation

Villages of the World – Global Education Park is an innovating place created by the association of Salesian Missionary Volunteering “Młodzi Światu” in Krakow with the intention of global and intercultural education of children and adults. Around the large-scale maps of the world there are villages showing the living conditions of the poorest inhabitants of several countries. The Global Education Park attracts multiple groups of visitors, mainly school groups, who may enjoy a wide range of educational projects. The project aims at bringing the topics of the global education to the wider audience, especially families with children, and adapting the place to the needs of the individual visitors.

As part of the project activities implemented between the 15th of May and 3rd of November 2012, the Park was given new interactive exhibits: a life-size spitting lama, a yak that can be milked, and a camel which can be saddled. The Park was enhanced with additional elements such as a reconstruction of a Latin American shantytown and three-dimensional igloo, a large-scale game “The Explorers of Papua” and a large-scale puzzle “Banana trade” that shows the concept of the fair trade. Among the new exhibits there are items related to the everyday life of the inhabitants of Africa: grain mortars and a van – the most popular means of transportation in the African cities. Additionally, new lighting was assembled, that allows fuller use of the place in spring and autumn.

The Park is also a location for outdoor events, family picnics and educational workshops. On the 12th of 2012 Global Family Picnic was held, that promoted new attraction of the Villages of the World. 400 people attended the event. The participants could take part in the workshops and games related to the developmental problems. During the Global Education Week the topics of development were promoted in the media, 5 thematic programmes were completed and 5 articles discussing those issues were published in the press.

The Global Education Park is open to visitors from Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00, and Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 to 6:00. More information about the Park can be found on the website: http://parkedukacji.swm.pl.