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Global Education of children changes our world 2

The aim of the project was to strengthen the competences of the preschool teachers to conduct courses of Global Educations independently. The project’s actions were addressed to the teachers from the region of Wrocław and the surrounding area. Simultaneously, educational activities aimed at the participants of the Universities of the Third Age were organised, so were the actions involving kindergartens into celebrations of the Global Education Week. The main topic of the Week was the sustainable lifestyle. The methods encouraging children to continue learning about the countries of the Global South were the artistic activities, cooking foreign dishes together with their parents and teachers, and decorations of the kindergartens’ interiors. In total, 3099 children of different ages, 1500 parents and carers and 300 teachers participated in the activities of the Global Education Week.

As part of the project two trainings preparing for conducting classes on global education independently were organised for 73 teachers. The training included, among others, the topics on global education in Poland, the problem of cultural sensitivity, contemporary global challenges and the Millennium Development Goals. During the course, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the methods and global education course outlines, and were encouraged to develop their own innovative methods used in work with children. Education materials and toys (musical instruments from several countries, dolls looking like children of different skin colours, games and music from the countries of the Global South, globes and educational puzzles) were bought with the project funds. The pilot programme was prepared for the Universities of the Third Age from Wrocław (4 courses, each of two teaching units). Global education classes consisted of 30% of the so called courses of different character. The educational materials are available on the website of the project: www.eduglob.silesius.org.pl/.