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Global Education Week in Sieradz

The project „Global Education Week in Sieradz”, addressed to youth and adult residents of Sieradz, was coordinated by the Centre of Ecological Education between 1 May and 31 December 2011. Its aim was to conduct trainings in the field of development education, to raise global awareness and to inspire interest in developmental problems among the participants.

As part of the project activities, trainings for 20 people working in the area of culture and education were carried out. The topics included Millennium Development Goals, stereotypes about the Global South and climate change in the context of the Global South. The participants received lesson plans about responsible consumption. Other activities included development education workshops for children and adolescents, carried out by the educators participating in the trainings. In total, 220 workshops were conducted. A series of concerts of African music were organised in the Culture Centre of Sieradz, that was attended by a total of 400 people. Another action was an artistic contest focusing on the topics of development education. Out of 273 submitted works, 12 were awarded and 50 given distinction.

As part of the activities, education materials were developed, published and distributed (2,000 copies of “Buy responsibly – a guide for students”, 300 copies of “Buy responsibly – lesson plans”, 10,000 copies of “For the climate against poverty”, and a calendar illustrated with the works awarded in the contest). A radio broadcast about development education was also carried out in the local radio station in Sieradz.

16 December a workshop “World on my plate. The problem of overconsumption and food wasting”, that concluded the project, was organised. It was attended by 25 people, including the representatives of the City Council, City Hall and the educators participating in the project.