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Global Education Center in Poznan

As part of the project implemented between the 15th of May and 31st of December 2012 by the One World Association, the Centre of Global Education (CEG) was created in Poznań. It became an educational centre, a place for meetings and exchanging ideas, and the incubator of global education initiatives. Furthermore, a library opened in CEG where books and educational materials related to the topics of global education are available.

The project included conducting several workshops and meetings.

As part of the programme “A man in a global world” 5 open meetings were held (Haggadah about Bronek Bergman – a meeting with professor Janusz Marciniak; To be a Jew – a meeting with Seweryn Aszkenazy; To be a defender of Human Rights – a meeting with professor Roman Wieruszewski; To be an artist in a global world – a meeting with Lech Raczak; To be a woman in a global world – a meeting with Agnieszka Duczmal), which were attended by a total of 180 people.

Several workshops addressed to children, adolescents, parents and seniors, and also teachers and educators, were organised as well, among them a series of workshops that involved folk tales and legends from Guatemala and Nicaragua. Traditional tales functioned as scenarios for the educational activities aiming at several age groups.

The plot of the folk tales and legends served as a pretext for the story about the contemporary world: about the problems of the cultural diversity, the concept of the sustainable development, global interconnections and interdependences, about the responsibility for using the natural resources. Using the folk tales as a starting point for the discussion about the world and the values aimed at the greatest possible involvement of the participants, creating personal emotions and reflections, and the fullest possible understanding of the global topics. During the workshop “Telling the World”, teachers and educators learned about the possibilities of using the folk tales and legends from foreign cultures in teaching.

During regular screenings of the documentaries, 16  films were watched by a total of 270 people. As part of the Global Education Week, in cooperation with the Centre of Global Education in Warsaw, a film festival CEGła was also organised. During the GEW musical workshops “What would happen if you were born in Ghana?” and animation workshops “What would happen if you were born in Guatemala?” were held. A choir Czarolija performed during the concert of the traditional music.