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Games and Plays in Africa as a Tool of Intercultural Dialogue in Primary School Education

The project “Games and Plays in Africa as a Tool of Intercultural Dialogue in Primary School Education” was coordinated by the Department of African Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Oriental Studies of the University of Warsaw between 1 May and 31 December 2011. It was addressed to teachers and educators from all over Poland, and aimed at providing educational materials related to the topics of multiculturalism, creating teaching materials about Africa and helping teachers to understand the specificities of African countries.

As part of the project, 1,600 copies of a publication “Africa in school” were developed, published and distributed. 19 experts in African studies, psychology, ethnology and pedagogy participated in the the process. The package includes a book “African games and plays”, a brochure “How to tell Polish children about Africa”, and a CD. The package was sent to 1,183 primary schools all over Poland, 230 pedagogy libraries, 16 Education Offices, Teacher Training Centres, libraries of pedagogical universities and pedagogy faculties, and NGOs involved in intercultural education or activities related to Africa or refugees. Electronic version of the prepared materials is available on the website of the project’s coordinator.

Workshops about intercultural education and specificities of African countries were carried out for students of pedagogy at the University of Warsaw and the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw, and were attended by 70 participants.