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From the Southern perspective - Center for Global Education in Poznan

The project was implemented from the 26th of April to the 31st of December 2013 by the One World Association in cooperation with the Weaving Craft Museum in Turek. It was aimed at the residents of Poznań and Turek, in particular children, adolescents, parents and teachers.

The aim of the project was to raise the social awareness regarding the situation in the countries of the Global South and breaking the existing stereotypes. The intention of the coordinators of the project was to demonstrate the positive changes occurring in that region and the perspectives of the countries from that area, and to present the point of view of their residents regarding several issues.

In response to the necessity of an informational initiative, the association organised “The Global Education Week” in Poznań and Turek. Six creative workshops that resulted in music recordings inspired by the traditional tales from the Global South were carried out as part of the event. Two narrative and musical shows regarding the traditions and values of the cultures from the Global South were presented as well.

As part of the educational series “Środy na Jeżycach” in the Library of the Centre of Global Education in Poznań, there were presented 6 documentaries. The coordinators organised also 6 discussion meetings and 3 creative workshops, that gathered a total of 225 people. Moreover, training courses for teachers and those working with children and adolescents were organised as part of the project, and were attended by 60 participants. 750 children in total attended 68 various workshops prepared for them. There was also a training for volunteers that included a study visit in the Netherlands.

As part of the project following works were published: a children’s book “Sosna” (Pine) based on a Mexican legend of a tribe Tzotzil, and an adults’ book “Telling the world in Mexico”. Each publication was printed in 500 copies and made available in electronic version on the website of the association.