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From global education to responsibility for our World

The project is a continuation of educational activities aimed at raising Polish society’s awareness and understanding of global problems and interdependencies. The activities of the Centre for Education Development planned as a part of the project are intended to reach a wide group of recipients and provide them with information on global interdependencies and challenges.

The new core curriculum which has been introduced to schools obliges every teacher to fulfil tasks and present educational content in the context of the current global phenomena. Due to the formal introduction of global education to schools, it is necessary to train the teaching staff, i.e. consultants, teaching counsellors and global education school leaders, whose task is multiplying knowledge and helping teachers to teach about new, difficult global issues by (among others) preparing teaching materials and organising training sessions and projects.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are teachers and school children who will receive training and for whom lectures and events that are a part of the Global Education Week 2014 and competitions for projects under “Global School 2014”. The project will allow former volunteers who worked in Global South countries to share their experiences with school children throughout Poland.

From global education to responsibility for our World

The aim of the project is to expand the network of global education regional coordinators, trainers and mentors by 48 new people whose task will be to spread knowledge about global education.

As a part of the project, the Centre for Education Development will organise training sessions for elementary, secondary and upper secondary school teachers to prepare them for the implementation of the core curriculum for general education in global education, and allow them develop their skills related to the methods of active work with school children. It is planned that roughly 2,300 teachers will be trained.

Thanks to the workshops and meetings with volunteers, teachers and school children from all around Poland will develop their interest in issues related to life in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Asia, and will change their stereotypical views on the problems of the Global South.

As a part of the project, the Centre for Education Development will prepare a methodological guide in global education for teachers of all levels, and a report which will specify the level of implementation and execution of global education at schools after four years of implementing project activities.

From global education to responsibility for our World

Thanks to the project, the web of regional coordinators for global education was widened by 46 new people, who were trained in, inter alia, the scope of preparing the program of workshops and working with active methods using the coaching techniques, as well as their technical competences regarding the work on training platform, were raised. Participants received the certificates of Training’s coach and/or Coach of education. In 2015 a total number of regional coordinators is 98 people.

The trainings, introducing the issues of global education for teacher’ meetings, school’s managing personnel , consultants, methodical advisers and teachers of II, III and IV stage of education, lasted 5 hours and approx. 1300 people took part in them. Whereas, in 6-hour workshops for teachers, who  know the basics of global education, approx. 1070 people participated. During the trainings for teachers, they talked about, inter alia, issues of Millennial Development  Goals in school educational projects, global education in core curriculum and illustrative tools for working with the students.

Blended learning course for teachers consisted of 4 module on line trainings on a basic level  and an additional one on an advanced level. Training on the basic level was finished by 357 teachers. On the advanced level, participants of trainings from 2013 had the possibility to actively discuss 11 topics concerning global education. 106 teachers benefited from the course and 74 fulfilled the course conditions and gained the credit.

One of the project actions was to create a report from schools’ research regarding implementing the core curriculum within the scope of global education in years 2011-2013 available in Polish on website: http://www.edukacjaglobalna.ore.edu.pl/pl/a/Raport-z-Badania-Edukacja-globalna-w-szkolach-gimnazjalnych-i-ponadgimnazjalnych-w-Polsce  The preparation of handbook on global education for teachers II, III and IV stage of education, has also started.

Within the scope of the project 96 2-hour meetings of volunteers and students took place in schools in whole Poland. The topics of the meetings were, inter alia, “Malawi – hot heart of Africa”, “Everyday life of children in Kenya. What do volunteers do in Africa?”, “Life, culture, customs in South America”, “Around the world. Tastes of Thailand”.

In the competition for the best educational project, the commission chose 32 educational projects/scripts of classes, which were awarded with electronic equipment and educational materials. Whereas, three winning schools from “Global School 2014” competition, received certificates and laptops, as well as presented their achievements on a Conference which summarized project on 12 December 2014. The Conference was also an occasion to show the direction of actions in 2015.