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First at the place of disaster

Dushanbe – the capital of Tajikistan, the country of over 7 million citizens – is surrounded by mountains. Compact settlement combined with a low quality of public infrastructure contributes to the fact that every year residents have to face challenges such as mudslides, landslips or floods caused by water flowing down from mountain-sides.

Unfortunately, these threats cause numerous casualties, including fatal ones. Had there been a shorter time of reaction, many tragedies could have been avoided. Unfortunately, instant aid in mountainous terrain is very difficult to carry out – rescue teams need much more time to reach victims and they need precise information on the place of accident.  Therefore, success of the rescue depends on residents who are the first link in the rescue chain.

Within the frame of the Polish development cooperation program, the Polish Center for International Aid in cooperation with Red Crescent of Tajikistan run a project, which purpose is to support this first link in case of natural disasters. Residents of the two Dushanbe districts most prone to natural disasters, elected by local communities, will undergo trainings in the field of crisis management, first aid and proper behavior in the face of risk situations. Once trained, they will  become members of local committees, which will monitor the situation and try to prevent, along with proper authorities, the emergence of threats in the future. In the course of trainings and on the basis of data provided by residents maps of district threats will be drafted.

Providing an IT platform enabling serial SMS sending is one of the project elements. Representatives from local committees will receive information on threats on their mobile phones and will transfer it to their neighbors. Thanks to such actions, it will be much easier to carry out an efficient evacuation or rescue before the arrival of proper services. The platform will be managed by the Committee of Emergency Situations of Dushanbe and thanks to it information will be transferred directly from services responsible for crisis management.

Project no. 119/2011 entitled “Good governance in the face of natural disasters and crisis situations in Tajikistan”.

The project budget amounts to PLN 162,599 from which PLN 140,889 are means granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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