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Film & Education Festival "Global development in cinema"

Between 1 August to 30 December, the National Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw carried out, in cooperation with the "HumanDoc" Socially Engaged Media Foundation and the Polish Center for International Aid, a project whose final beneficiaries were festival participants representing two large social groups, i.e. those interested in participating in cultural events and film festivals and those interested in social issues in their broad sense, international affairs and global issues.

                Project goals involved improving project beneficiaries' knowledge of global development and development aid, with particular emphasis on aid provided by Poland. Festival participants could attend film screenings and panel discussions, while younger participants could take part in dedicated workshops. Project components included author meetings, panel discussions and classes for schools as well as online screenings and review of selected festival films at Film Discussion Club cinemas across Poland. As part of the Festival, which was held in Warsaw on 16-18 October 2010, 23 screening blocks of documentaries, reportages and social advertising were carried out. In total, 28 films and 10 social campaigns were screened before the film blocks. The Festival held in Warsaw was attended by approx. 1 800 people (including viewers, participants of the panel discussions, author meetings and an educational programme for schools during the Festival). Online screenings attracted 6 285 viewers, while cinema screenings in Poland - 2 082 people. The film festival project's competitive part made it also an international event and the Festival's film recruitment process involved 100 films from around the world.

The project's formula enabled the beneficiaries to make use of its results even after its completion via the project originator's website: www.ethnomuseum.pl, where the "Global Development in Cinema" tab dedicated to the Festival was added (active even after the project). Project beneficiaries could also use a festival blog at the following website: http://ethnomuseum.pl/blog.