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Expansion of the Uhuru Academy Computer Lab and funding of scholarships for the best students from IDP camps

Success on the labour market, also in less developed countries, such as Kenya, has become much more contingent upon computer literacy, which includes searching for and selecting information, as well as command of basic programmes. In 2013, within the framework of the Uhuru Academy in Tigoni small grants project, a computer laboratory was equipped and a scientific laboratory was created. The school has been developing rapidly for the last few years, increasing the number of female students by half. In order to allow them to use computers during classes and as part of individual work, it proved necessary to expand the computer lab. As the number of students of the Uhuru Academy is growing each year, the number of computers the school owns is too low in comparison to the needs.

Sixty percent of the female students receive education thanks to scholarships. These are the most brilliant children from refugee camps located in their surroundings. Education at the Uhuru Academy offers them a wonderful opportunity to improve their living conditions and leave the camps. The Centre granted 3 scholarships in 2013, and it plans to grant further three as part of the current project.

Expansion of the Uhuru Academy Computer Lab and funding of scholarships for the best students from IDP camps

The project is expected to be implemented from 1 September to 15 October 2016. The project is implemented by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Nairobi in cooperation with a local partner - a non-governmental organization, Uhuru Child Kenya. Present and future female students of the Uhuru Academy as well as Kenyan teachers working at the Centre are the beneficiaries of the project.

The first objective is to improve the level of education at the secondary school of the Uhuru Academy by purchasing additional equipment for the computer lab. The beneficiaries will be girls, students of the school, who mainly come from local refugee camps, as well as Kenyan teachers, who will be able to better monitor their students' progress. The second objective is to increase the availability of secondary education for teenagers from marginalised environments by funding three scholarships for the most talented girls from the refugee camps in the area of Tigoni. Scholarship holders will be selected by the Uhuru Academy.

As part of the project, 20 laptops, the Microsoft Word programme, a table and chairs for the lab and 30 sets of headphones will be purchased. Moreover, 3 one-year scholarships will be funded.

For the purposes of calculation, the following exchange rate was applied: USD 1 = PLN 4.1749.

Expansion of the Uhuru Academy Computer Lab and funding of scholarships for the best students from IDP camps

The project was completed from 1 August to 15 December, 2016. The Uhuru Academy computer lab was provided with additional equipment: purchases included, among others, 28 tablets, a projector, an Internet access point with subscription and software for administering the school and classes. Three girls from the camp for internally displaced people were selected to receive a one-year scholarship. After the reassessment of the needs, the school changed the list of purchases, without changing the overall amount earmarked for that purpose.

The beneficiaries of the project are present and future female students of the Uhuru Academy, whose number is growing every year (in 2016, there were about 100 students attending school) and three female students who received one-year scholarships. The beneficiaries also include about 20 Kenyan teachers.

The value of the project amounted to EUR 16,171 and was fully covered by the Polish Aid funds.