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Enhancement of IT skills of community leaders and socially responsible youth in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya

In the time period between June 16th and December 31st 2010 Poland - East Africa Economic Foundation (PEAEF) in cooperation with Kawangware Vision Centre executed a project that was designed to raise the standard of living, development of IT skills, as well as personal and professional qualifications of children and other socially engaged people of slums of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenia. A volunteer spend 3 months in Kenya and afterwards performed educational activities in Poland.

The direct objective of the project, which was for volunteer to provide young Kenyans with practical IT skills was implemented through workshops taking place in two local, partner to the project implementer, organisations:  Kawangware Vision Centre (KVC) and Kibera Community Youth Programme (KCYP). The workshops started at the end of July.

In KCYP a cooperation with Nairobits, an organisation specialising in conducting computer classes in slums, was taken up. However, the classes which were a part of its programme were highly theoretical due to the fact that the workshops participants had only a small number of working computers at their disposal. The volunteer conducted a component of the classes dedicated to using computer, the Internet, and free computer programmes available online. Thereafter, a recruitment for computer classes, that took place in the end of September, was carried out in Kibera.

In KVC the first part of the training was of practical nature – training in management of an internet café addressed to  the chosen staff of the café. Afterwards, a workshop for youths dedicated to designing websites using only commonly available tools. The result of the classes were web designs prepared by the participants. The author of the best project was invited to participate in the second part of the training – to help with designing the website for KVC organisation. At the same time a workshop dedicated to theoretical design of website, its appearance and content, was conducted. The classes lasted for two weeks and then the website for Kawangware Vision Centre was launched. Its promotion was held on September 25th 2010, together with the event summarising the workshops.

The last training conducted by the volunteer was a workshop addressed to social leaders. It was attended by 7 people who have gained practical skills enabling them to effectively undertake local initiatives.

As a part of educational initiative carried out by the volunteer after his return to Poland dozens of art works, social posters, information boards, and project roll-ups, were created. Additionally, in January 2011 an exhibition of children’s work was inaugurated.