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Embark on the virtual highway to endless opportunities in your future business

One of Ukraine’s most pressing problems is the high level of unemployment among young people. Graduates have trouble finding jobs because they lack experience, and the quality of education often leaves much to be desired. Conducting business in Ukraine is not easy either. Students not only feel they lack knowledge about organization and business management, but are also afraid to take the first steps to start their own business. In 2014, two years passed since the Ukrainian government adopted a plan to give priority to innovative measures. The plan was aimed at, among others, developing innovation infrastructure (innovation centres, technology parks, science parks, incubators and others). In practice, there are still not enough resources and pioneers of innovation.

According to international experts, Ukraine is a country with great IT potential. Despite this fact, students have almost no opportunities to gain knowledge of new innovative technologies in business and ways of financing them.

Organizers of previous IT competitions were mainly interested in identifying talented young people and involving them in work on innovation, but students were not offered the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in these areas. Therefore, these competitions did not provide an example of effective business education. Training for entrepreneurs from the SME sector has been conducted in Ukraine for several years, but it has focused mainly on providing information on start-ups and business management, and not on introducing new innovative services such as e-business and e-commerce, and it does not help young entrepreneurs to find potential investors.

Embark on the virtual highway to endless opportunities in your future business

The project was implemented from 25 April to 31 December 2014 and was a cross-regional initiative. It included Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Donetsk. The project was carried out by the Polish Communication Foundation and its local partner, the European Agency for Innovation.

Project activities aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, developing small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine, spreading knowledge of modern technologies, disseminating knowledge of new funding opportunities for future entrepreneurs, developing human capital and business skills. The project’s objective was to help strengthen business thinking, e-business competencies, and innovative activities among students by improving their skills and transforming their ideas into business concepts.

The project is aimed at implementing priority 9 –Small and medium-sized enterprises and job creation. Its beneficiaries included students and graduates of Ukrainian universities, a group of whom underwent training in setting up and running their own business.

Embark on the virtual highway to endless opportunities in your future business

In the course of the project, 63 students and graduates took part in two rounds of training aimed at developing business skills, which took place in Kyiv and Lviv. The training was conducted by Polish and Ukrainian coaches. In addition, each project participant had access to individual mentoring with a view to creating a business plan. Eight participants presented their ideas at a final conference in Kyiv, during which the best business ideas were selected in consultation with potential investors. The winners received prizes, which they can use to launch their own businesses. In addition, business contacts were established between students and selected private companies and innovation and business experts.