Polska pomoc


Elimu ni nguvu- Education is strength. Voluntary service for the sake of children of Kayole, Nairobi

In the time period between June 17th and December 31st Global Solidarity Association in cooperation with Touch Africa Network executed a project under which a Polish volunteer took up a job as a teacher in the capital city of Kenia – Nairobi. For 5 months he taught children in one of the poorest neighborhoods – Kayole – and held classes for children not attending schools.

The aim of the project was to provide access to education for children attending primary school – Blessing School (Rivershop Center) and high school – Brucewood Education Center in Kayole. His didactic work consisted mainly of subject such as: English, Mathematics, History, Nature Science, First Aid, and civic education. The volunteer tutored children with difficulties in learning and participated in organising festivals for children and youths and training local leaders in extent of knowledge about addictions as well. In addition, the volunteer conducted classes in an orphanage and partnered with an organisation dedicated to fighting human trafficking.

After returning to the country in December 2010 the volunteer executed an educational initiative, under which he taught classes in schools and for non-school youth groups. He also participated in radio broadcasts to promote volunteering and inform about African realities. As a part of the project an internet website was created – www.african.solidarity.com.pl