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Educational offer for employees and integral physical therapy for patients of community health center in St. John the Baptist parish in Santa Cruz

The project was implemented between 15 June and 31 October 2011 in w Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, and counted with participation of two volunteers who stayed there from 30 June to 29 September. The coordinator of the project was the Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service - Youth For The World, and the local partner was the parish of St. John the Baptist.

The aim of the project was to improve health condition and enabling social development of the residents of the poorest district of Santa Cruz, by providing them with rehabilitation assistance.

The volunteers carried out individual therapy (in total 155,5 hrs.) and group therapy (total of 51 hrs.) for the patients of the clinic and elderly people from local senior clubs. The volunteers also made home visits (86 hrs.). In total, 58 people benefitted from the individual therapy, and 76 from the group therapy. They also provided rehabilitation assistance to the poorest, who without this opportunity would have to stop working. All people benefitting from the assistance were also trained about healthy habits and taking care of their health.

58 local volunteers and people working with old and disabled participated in a special training about methods of work with a patient. The volunteers also equipped the rehabilitation room in 45 items (exercise balls, rotors for exercising limbs, therapeutic mats, ladders).

As a result of rehabilitation activities, the health condition of the patients improved noticeably. The example of one of the volunteers, who moved in a wheelchair, inspired a positive change in public perception of people with disabilities.