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Education of socially disadvantaged children and youth in Huancayo in Peru

Situated in the western part of South America, Peru is a developing country which needs assistance in many areas, in particular the education of children and youth, a group with the biggest potential to develop. Huancayo is the capital of the Junín region. The city has a population of around 380,000.

Junín’s poverty rate stands at 35.5 %, as contrasted with 22.1% for the whole of Peru. This means that Huancayo is in one of the country’s poorest regions. Migrants coming to cities can often find no jobs, so parents find it difficult to meet their children’s basic needs, including access to education.

The project targets the poorest group of Huancayo’s local community, i.e. 20 boys (aged 12-18) who come from disadvantaged families and live at the San José Obrero Boys’ Home, as well as 70 children and youths attending additional classes delivered near the home and in other city districts.

The project follows up and builds on support provided last year by the sending organization’s volunteer.

Education of socially disadvantaged children and youth in Huancayo in Peru

The project runs between 18 June and 31 December 2014. The volunteer stays in Huancuayo (Junín region, Peru) from 30 June to 31 December 2014.

The sending organization is the Salesian Volunteer Mission YOUNG FOR THE WORLD, Krakow branch; the receiving organization is the San José Obrero Boys’ Home.

The project sets out to gradually solve the problems of poverty and restricted access to education in the region. The key objective is to improve the situation of poor youth and children by ensuring that they have the right conditions to learn, and receive additional classes. The volunteer looks after 20 boys on a regular basis by helping them to do their school assignments and catch up with the curriculum, and by organizing additional classes. Through weekend courses given in the poorest city districts, the volunteer can also reach out to around 70 children and youths from the more distant parts of Huancayo.

The project serves to implement Priority 13 – education, as laid down in the Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme 2012-2015, and will contribute to achieving Millennium Development Goal 1 – eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

Education of socially disadvantaged children and youth in Huancayo in Peru

Project actions were aimed at poor youth and children from Huancayo in Peru, in particular at pupils of home for boys and at children participating in additional classes organized within the scope of oratory – day room for the poorest.

Within the framework of prevention system, volunteer took care of pupils for 300 h. He organized sport classes, which purpose was to improve the physical condition of boys and assuring them the proper rest (106 h). Volunteer provided an educational assistance (200 h) in particular in Mathematics, Physics and English, and supervised if boys fulfill their duties in a proper way. Because of that, boys have learned proper life attitude, as well as responsible approach to life and study. Volunteer took constant care of 20 pupils.

Classes organized by the volunteer in oratory, contributed to development of interests of pupils through sport and fun, influencing the improvement of their own worth and desire to gain knowledge in school. Volunteer carried out 58 h of classes for more than 70 youth and children. The significant part of the project was implementing the meal sponsoring programme, both in the school and in the oratory.