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E-globalna keeps growing

An e-Textbook will be made available and promoted throughout Poland. The project will be managed from Warsaw, the location of the applicant’s office. Libraries that will benefit from the information and promotion campaigns which they are the addressees of, can be found in every Voivodeship, in rural municipalities and small towns.

The project is implemented for public and private school teachers at every level of education up to K12. The repository is intended for teachers who have some Global Education competencies, as well as for those with no experience in the matter. The project initiator has assumed that in the period of September and October 2014, the website www.e-globalna.edu.pl will be visited ten thousand times a day. Students are the indirect beneficiaries of the project. Assuming that during the six months following their visit on the web portal, five percent of the teachers that will have visited it in four months (approximately 40,000 people) will use the materials and run Global Education classes for just one group of students numbering around 25, then over 50,000 students will indirectly benefit from the project by having contact with global education. Furthermore, the project will cover 500 local libraries in small towns, which participate in The Library Development Program and are open to the idea of implementing new themes.

The e-globalna.edu.pl repository has been expanding for the second consecutive year.

E-globalna keeps growing

The project aims at improving access to high quality global education training and education materials for teachers and educators by further developing the e-globalna.edu.pl repository resources and software and by launching a strong promotion campaign. E-globalna – an eTextbook containing global education resources useful for teachers – was further developed and filled with content (over 500 modules) during the project’s implementation last year. This year’s project follows up and supplements the 2013 edition. Under the project, 80 scenarios created during the project’s 2013 edition will be added to the repository; certain technological elements will be enhanced and graphics will be converted from original files of the publications presented on e-globalna; a strong promotion campaign will be launched using diverse information channels and methods of promotion.

E-globalna keeps growing

„E-globalna keeps growing” is a continuation of 2013 project. Its purpose was to spread the knowledge about www.e-globalna.edu.pl website and to improve its functioning. Project’s actions were held from May to December 2014. The first stage was to increase the repository e-globalna.edu.pl with 97 new educational lessons scripts  and to add introductory materials for the base, which can be found in a menu “About global education”. Within the scope of the project, the website functioning and esthetics were improved, inter alia through changing technical parameters  and modifying website’s appearance.

Then, the project coordinators had started wide-spread promotion of e-globalna.edu.pl. They distributed 4 500 promotional gadgets, such as highlighters (2 000 pcs.), mouse pads (1 000 pcs.), cotton bags with a printed design (1 000 pcs.) and antistress balls (500 pcs.), as wells as 20 kg of fudges in a promotional wrappings. The promotion of website was conducted on many platforms: during National Forum of Polish Non-Governmental Organisations’ Initiatives, on social portals and websites. Within the scope of informational and promotional campaign, concentrated on public libraries, coordinators distributed 1 000 brochures about global education and Global Education Week, as well as 1 000 posters promoting GEW. As a result of conducted actions, 466 libraries were keen on participating in the project (on the stage of planning, the project’s implementer assumed it would be 500 institutions).

Authors of the project estimate that information about the base has reached at least 15 thousand educators, NGO activists and addressees of Edunews mailing list. Thanks to project actions, e-globalna.edu.pl reached the assumed average of about 10 thousand entrances a month. Project contributed to spreading the knowledge about global education and won over people interested in its further propagating.