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E-globalna interprets the world

Over the last years, the number of educational materials in the field of global education, wrought mainly by NGOs, has been steadily increasing in Poland. E-globalna, a repository of educational materials (available on www.e-globalna.edu.pl) is aimed at simplifying access to selected high-quality materials and encouraging a greater number of teachers and educators to use them to carry out activities related to global education.

The database was created in 2012 as an initiative of the Education for Democracy Foundation. At the beginning, it included only educational materials of the project originator. In 2013-2014, thanks to subsidies from the Polish Aid programme, the database was modernised an enlarged to include materials prepared by other NGOs.

E-globalna interprets the world

“E-globalna interprets the world” project was carried out between 1 January and 31 December 2015 by the Education for Democracy Foundation.

Thanks to the projects carried out in 2013-2014, the gap on Poland’s global education market was filled by creating a cohesive, universally available and modern tool for teachers to easily research needed materials by subject matter, placement in the core curriculum, and students age groups. It can also be easily completed with new materials.

These activities were to be continued in 2015 as part of “E-globalna interprets the world” project to further extend teachers’ and educators’ permanent access to good quality teaching and educational materials on global education through further development of e-globalna.edu.pl database and its intense promotion. E-globalna was technically modernised, adapted to mobile devices and filled with new content (80 new lesson plans). Among materials added to the database a set of foreign materials, translated into Polish and adapted to Polish conditions, is a novelty.

Another aim of the project was to further popularize the website among potential users through promotional activities based on publication of articles, internet banners, press releases, as well as distribution of gadgets promoting the project.

E-globalna interprets the world

Work on the extension and promotion of the database took place from September to December 2015. It involved technical, content-related, and promotional activities. As part of technical activities, the responsiveness of the website was increased by adapting it to be usable on mobile devices, which are used more and more often. The core of the project were activities aimed at broadening the offer of accessible materials by adding new modules (basic units of particular materials: lessons scripts, and possibly also additional text-based and visual materials). 80 new scripts were added to the database, creating a total of over 200 modules.

The database includes a novelty in the form of materials translated from English. They have been adapted to Polish conditions and, where necessary, supplemented by e.g. the core curriculum, with accompanies all materials published in the database.

Promotional activities included preparing and distributing gadgets, publishing articles and electronic banners, mailing teachers of different stages of education.

Once the project is completed, the database will be further maintained by the project’s author and will remain permanently available for users. It is also planned to further enlarge it and conduct activities aimed at supporting its addressees in independent usage of resources and realisation of activities in the field of global education with the help of the database.