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E-globalna in practice

Global education was introduced into the core curriculum in the school year 2009/2010. Research studies conducted among teachers and the analysis of textbooks for the presence of global education indicate that there are still problems with finding the appropriate materials on the topic that could be used in class and workshops. That is why we need alternative sources of educational materials. Created as part of the projects carried out in previous years and still developed under the current project, the E-Globalna website responds to this demand.

The E-globalna web portal is a functional repository of educational materials on global education focused on formal education and related core curricula. Established in 2012 as an initiative of the Foundation Education for Democracy, it was subsequently revised and furnished with relevant content thanks to grants awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2013-2015. The website content is created by teachers and NGO experts. The repository offers teachers an easy access to relevant global education materials depending on the subject, course or student age group. The website currently contains 1,050 units, consisting of 325 lesson plans that enable teachers and other users to create and save their own units or download them separately.

E-globalna in practice

The current project continues and develops an undertaking carried out as part of the 2013-2015 projects. It involves a review of the resources and functionalities of the E-globalna.edu.pl database, enhancing its content offering, and promoting the idea of global education and the use of website materials among teachers. It will also facilitate obtaining feedback – the repository resources and the website functionality will be evaluated by users by means of questionnaires. This will help verify to what extent the database materials meet user needs, how users evaluate the technical functionality of the database, and how the number of website users translates into practical application of the website materials in class. Gaps in the current offering diagnosed through questionnaires will be filled in 2017 thanks to new, dedicated lesson plans, infographics, and other attractive visuals. Teachers will receive promotional and educational materials, and the reports from the classes that they conducted using the repository lesson plans will help spread the idea of global education among other teachers.

An e-learning course introducing the issues of global education to teachers with no prior experience in the area has been planned for 2017. The teachers who complete the course and conduct a minimum of two classes will receive a set of five educational posters for use in class. The posters will be thematically related to selected lesson plans available in the database. Ecological bags will also be produced (in Poland) as part of the project.

Based on the questionnaire’s results, fifteen new lesson plans will be developed and made available in the database. In addition, the best fifteen lesson plans that meet the needs of database users, according to their recommendations, will be selected from materials developed by other Polish NGOs. Thirty lesson plans added to the database will be linked with the corresponding Sustainable Development Goals in order to facilitate their promotion.

Visuals, such as infographics and simple animations, will be used to promote and facilitate a better understanding of complex global problems. A calendar and a promotional spot will also be created as part of the project.

Financing from the Polish aid funds amounted to 87 478 pln in 2016 and 86 510 in 2017, and the total value of the project reached respectively 97 208 in 2016 and 96 160 in 2017.

E-globalna in practice

As a result of the project activities, knowledge was gained about the e-globalna database areas that require improvements and additions. A website survey questionnaire at www.e-globalna.edu.pl was completed by 95 people, making it a source of inspiration and concrete ideas for supplementing the database in the project’s module 2.

Another planned and achieved outcome was increasing the visibility of the e-globalna website as an attractive and valuable repository of materials on global education (GE). Currently, e-globalna tops Google’s search list (keywords: global education + activity/lesson scenarios) as promoted material. As unpromoted material, it is ranked in seventh place.

The database has been receiving positive feedback from users who have indicated that this is a much-needed tool that significantly facilitates the teaching of classes. Between October and December 2016, the website was visited by an average of 61,605 unique visitors a month. Eight good practices for using various scenarios have inspired other teachers to teach GE in their classes.

A video spot was made to promote the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the e-globalna website itself. The spot is available at www.fed.org.pl and www.e-globalna.edu.pl, as well as on the Education for Democracy Foundation Vimeo channel: https://vimeo.com/199004167.

A total of 1,200 copies of the 2017 calendar were produced and distributed to schools, institutions, NGOs and all interested parties cooperating with the Education for Democracy Foundation to promote global education.

The second module was aimed at promoting global education (GE) and expanding knowledge in this field through the development of the e-learning platform E-globalna.edu.pl (for distance learning), a repository of knowledge on GE as well as promotion of the use of such tools by teachers during classes.

On the basis of the 2016 recommendations, visual material, information brochures, manuals as well as scenarios of activities and field games were added. Foreign-language learning materials were also included.

Within project promotion, such activities were carried out as using the AdWords advertisement to improve positioning, publication in social media as well as dissemination of promotional material.