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E-global - electronic repository of educational materials

The aim of the project was to provide and popularise modern and user-friendly tool for obtaining publications and training materials in the field of global education. As part of the project activities, a consultation group was set up, whose aim was to select the best materials on the basis of jointly developed quality criteria of global education.

Classes testing sample lesson plans were conducted, and the materials requiring corrections were improved. Experts with diverse experience in the field of global education were invited to join the group. The result of the project was creating a state-of-the-art and user-friendly repository of educational materials, available at http://www.e-gobalna.edu.pl/.

There are over 400 modules that add up to approximately 80 educational materials ready for use, in accordance to the official teaching curriculum. Another component of the repository are outlines of exercises, games and visual materials, that may be used to create a customised teaching programme.

According to the data of the project coordinator, the information about the portal e-globalna and the possibility of using its resources reached approx. 50,000 teachers all over Poland.