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Doors to the future – continuation. Educational activities in reading and writing at schools in Shama district in Ghana

In recent years, access to education for children and youth in Ghana has improved. In 2005, the Ministry of Education abolished the fees for education in primary schools. At the same time the disparity between the number of boys and girls attending schools have been decreased. However, the increase in the number of students made the shortage of teaching staff, particularly in the provinces, even more noticeable (see source).

The project was implemented during the period 6 June – 31 December 2013 and was a continuation of the project carried out in 2011 by the same volunteer in the "Polish Aid Volunteering Programme 2011". The volunteer was in Ghana from 1st July to 6th November 2013.

The contractor for the project (the sending organization) was the One World Association, and the local partner (the host organization) was the Integrated Action for Development Initiatives Insurers (IADI) in Shama.

Volunteer activities, in cooperation with the Integrated Action for Development Initiatives Insurers (IADI), were aimed at increasing the level of teaching in the district, Shama, including the elimination of the unequal access of girls to all levels of education. The volunteer conducted 96 hour trainings for 54 teachers from 30 schools in the region on non-formal methods of working with youth and interactive methods of teaching English. Teachers raised their skills on active and participatory methods of working with youth; creative writing techniques and the use of theater and music methods in teaching. The volunteer trained teachers also how to create their own methods of creative educational materials and spent 45 hours on individual consultations. For girls, the volunteer conducted 24 hours of leadership training, and for leaders of organizations 100 hours of consultations. On the basis of conducted trainings the volunteer developed a "Handbook for leadership facilitators in girls training". During the stay at Shama the volunteer has published an article in the online edition of the local newspaper "Werengo".