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Discussing ups and downs of Ukraine’s decentralization reform

Meetings in Tschernowitz, Khmelnytskyi, Cherkasy and Zaporozhye in late June started the second year of efforts to support Ukraine’s territorial reform. The project is run by the Education for Democracy Foundation under Poland’s development cooperation.

The meetings brought together approximately one hundred representatives of 48 amalgamated hromadas. They offered an opportunity to highlight the results of last year’s actions, discuss plans and share experiences and expectations regarding Ukraine’s ongoing territorial reform. The panel on good practices in culture, investment and city cooperation, organized in the framework of expert meetings, attracted great interest. Polish practitioners looked into the possibilities for inhabitants to organize themselves. They also discussed issues related to social capital growth, analysis of communes’ resources and development of investment plans. Spotlight was put on fostering tourism and organizing education facilities.

The aim of the project “Decentralization in practice 2 – we learn from each other” is to support amalgamated hromadas in managing units and upskill staff in attracting investments and writing project proposals. It also aims to improve cooperation of authorities with inhabitants and plan and implement changes in local communities. The project draws not only on Polish expertise and cases, but also on good practices developed by Ukraine’s hromadas which succeeded within the changing local government system.   

Study visits will be held in Poland and Ukraine to exchange experiences and success stories and to analyze problems and failures. Members of local governments taking part in the project will also sign up for training courses, consultations and a study visit to Poland. They will draft plans of changes in their communes with support of Polish experts. The project will conclude with a forum “We are changing our hromadas” which will take stock of the outcomes and create a platform for exchange of experiences and opinions between the hromadas concerned.

For more information on the project funded by Polish Aid, please visit the website: https://fed.org.pl/wiele-malych-zwyciestw/

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