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Development of the marginalized terrains by improvement of the water access in the pastoral-agricultural communities throughout cistern rehabilitation in South Hebron

Hebron District lies to the south of the West Bank and is the largest and most populated district in the region. This is the driest area of the Palestinian Authority, which makes it particularly vulnerable to water scarcity. More than 10% of its population lives in rural areas. Currently, the local population is devoid of connection to the municipal water system and must buy water, which is provided from the outside. Despite the economical nature of water consumption, expenses related to its purchase significantly limit budgets of the local households.

The project was implemented during the period 17 June - 30 October 2013, while the volunteer was in the Palestinian Authority from 7th June to 12th September 2013.

Contractor for the project (the sending organization) was a Polish Humanitarian Action, and the local partner (the host organization) was the Polish Humanitarian Action’s Mission in Israel / Palestinian Authority.

Renovation of existing, but often inactive ancient cisterns, in which rainwater is harvested are relatively easy and cheap means to improve the situation of the local community. Operating cisterns are an effective and sustainable means of obtaining water for the needs of the business. Thanks to the work of the volunteer, 5 cisterns have been renovated in the villages of the South Hebron - Beit Mirsim and Beit Al Fauq Rush. Cisterns were secured and labeled, as not to endanger children. Additionally, users were trained on the maintenance and repair of cisterns, the rules for their safe use and sanitation issues, as well as the principles of economical use of stored water for households and agriculture.