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Development of milk production in Ignatei rural region

In 1992, Moldova privatised its agricultural sector. Unfortunately, in this period of systemic changes, the agricultural sector’s service infrastructure was almost completely destroyed. The privatisation also led to the break-up of farm holdings (down to an average of 1.8 ha per household), which makes their mechanisation virtually impossible from an economic standpoint. The sole economically justifiable solution in this situation would be to create specialised agricultural machinery depots providing services to individual farmers. Agricultural production cooperatives can also establish such machinery bases, rendering their services to both the cooperative members and other farmers.

Development of milk production in Ignatei rural region

The project was addressed to farmers and their families at risk of social and economic marginalisation and unemployment, as well as to women of working age (about 60 per cent of the project beneficiaries) who are directly affected by hidden unemployment. The project was a direct continuation of a pilot project implemented in the year 2009 aimed at increasing milk production under the “Rural Area Development – ‘Happy Village’” programme.

The project was implemented together with a local partner: VITA – LACT (COOPERATIVA DE ÎNTREPRINZĂTOR “VITA-LACT”), an agricultural dairy cooperative located in the village of Ignatei. This cooperative consisted of 510 members, all dairy farmers operating in 13 villages within the Rezina region (Ignatei, Samaskani, Meseni, Olescani, Fuzovec, Gordinesti, Pereni, Pripeceni, Scorteni, Raspopeni, Peciste, Tintareni and Chistelnita).

The project received the support of the local government authorities, the National Farmers’ Union of Moldova and the Ministry of Agriculture of Moldova. It was also consistent with Moldova’s National Poverty Reduction Plan and its regional development plan for that specific rural region.

The project aimed to create stable additional jobs in dairy production, increase dairy production and balance milk production between the summer and the winter seasons.

Development of milk production in Ignatei rural region

The project included a study tour and training sessions in Poland as well as an infrastructure component, under which three new milk collection points were organised and equipped, three existing milk collection points were refurbished, essential cow feed preparation equipment was procured and a mobile bovine artificial insemination point was established and equipped. Additionally, Moldovan farmers were provided with relevant training. The project results also include the establishment of an agricultural machinery depot, which processes feed (dry and silage) in the volume required by local milk producers and renders ancillary services to farmers within the region.