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Development cooperation discussed at Polish Institute of Diplomacy

Presentation of the Development Co-operation Report 2015 was the chief aim of a visit to Warsaw by Erik Solheim, Chair of the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD DAC). The discussion of the report at the Polish Institute of Diplomacy was attended by Deputy Minister Konrad Pawlik.

“Poland is a new donor of development assistance. Historically, your country received huge amounts of aid from the European Union and other European countries. Support also came from my country, Norway. Poland has developed very quickly in recent years,” Erik Solheim said at the presentation event.

Deputy Minister Konrad Pawlik added that Poland has increased its priority engagement in development assistance, which currently covers 10 countries. “With the Eastern Partnership, we are sharing what we’ve gained during the transformation process. In Africa, our focus is on poverty reduction, enhancing education, and access to healthcare,” said the deputy chief of Polish diplomacy.

The OECD’s DAC report is an annual document analysing current tendencies in international development cooperation. For the second time running, the report has put Poland in the donor of development assistance category. The report will only be presented in a handful of world capitals, including Paris, Brussels, and Washington.

The OECD Development Assistance Committee is the major international cooperation forum of donor countries of development assistance. Ever since its establishment in 1961, the Committee has been setting standards of global development cooperation. Poland joined the DAC in October 2013.

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