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Development Education Seminar

On 3 and 4 October, 2006 the Development Co-operation Department of the MFA of the Republic of Poland organised in Warsaw a seminar on development education. Representatives of NGOs, teachers, government agencies, and intergovernmental institutions involved in development education activities took part in the event.

The seminar was conducted by Douglas Bourn - director of the British Development Education Association (DEA) and Development Education Research Centre in the Institute of Education in the University of London.

The training was done in a form of a workshop having in mind methods used in development education. The following problems were dealt with during the training: the concept and the rules of the development education, the methodology of work in formal and informal education systems, examples of activities and good practice, as well as quality and efficiency evaluation methods of educational activities. Among other, the topics tackled during the discussions were, for instance the problem of the Polish term referring to the field of what in English is called "development education" or the need to adapt the existing methods and concepts elaborated by practitioners to the necessities of Polish society. The attention was also paid to the valuable guidelines of how to conduct classes, trainings and workshops. The participants of the training have emphasised a very open and direct approach of the instructor. They have also appreciated the possibility of taking part in discussions, exchanging experiences and opinions. The fact of gathering people representing different organisations and institutions active in the field of development education was without any doubt one of the many positive effects of the training. The participants have also shown interest in, and willingness to meet again on similar bases and to co-operate with organisations that they have got to know during the workshops.

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