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Dental service for Abong Mbang mission in Cameroun

The project was implemented between 17 September and 17 December 2011 in Abong Mbang and surrounding villages (Cameroun), and counted with participation of one volunteer, who stayed there throughout the duration of the project (3 months). The coordinator of the project was the Foundation of Humanitarian Aid "Redemptoris Missio", and the local partner was the Order of Sisters of the Most Holy Soul of Christ the Lord.

The aim of the project was to provide dental help in the local walk-in clinic to beneficiaries of the project: the residents of Abong Mbang and the surrounding villages. The project included also visiting mission centres in farther villages, and organising educational activities.

Educational activities conducted by the volunteer focused on preventive actions, especially teaching tooth crushing, oral hygiene, eliminating bad habits, and providing professional preventive care, such as tooth sealing and coating for children and adults.

The project reached a total of 18,000 residents of the mission in Abong Mbang and other villages. Every day, the volunteer attended approx. 10 patients, what resulted in a total amount of 700 medical treatments. As part of the educational activities, the volunteer carried out 3 lectures at schools and gave numerous daily advices in the clinic for approx. 100 people a month.