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Creation of Youth Enterpreneurship Incubator in Lviv

Lviv’s economic development is being driven more and more by the service sector. A growing number of companies with foreign capital are opening businesses there, which is driven by the relatively low cost of labour. There is a need, however, for the development of local businesses and to demonstrate local models of success.

As the previous projects carried out by the Institute of Urban Development have shown, Lviv has great potential for development and change, especially among its young people, who, even without any substantial funding, can seize upon small emerging opportunities and pursue their dreams. It is on the basis of this experience that the idea for a youth entrepreneurship incubator was developed. This is a place where creative young people can meet, exchange information, establish cooperative relationships and implement their early business projects, including in the field of social economy. Such activities are conducive to the engagement of young people and the creation of new jobs.

Creation of Youth Enterpreneurship Incubator in Lviv

The project provided for the establishment of an entrepreneurship incubator in the form of a co-working office and for provision of support to 27 microenterprises, including seven operating in the social economy sector. The envisaged activities included:

  1. the refurbishment of 150 sq. m. of office space and the creation of a co-working office for around 30 people, including social amenities;
  2. the establishment of partnerships with Lviv-based universities (the technical and the general university) for the recruitment of individuals interested in starting a company and renting space at the incubator. Incentives include the opportunity to take advantage of free-of-charge mentoring, prizes in the form of vouchers for necessary equipment and preferential terms for renting office space; and
  3. promotion of the project results.

Creation of Youth Enterpreneurship Incubator in Lviv

The implementation of the project delivered a number of direct results:

  1. The establishment of a creative space for co-working for 30 new firms (youth entrepreneurship incubator);
  2. The incubator enabled the launch of:
    • 20 start-ups; and
    • support for seven people operating in the field of social economy; and
  3. The training in the field of social economy of a dozen people who took part in the School of Social Economy (a training course and study tour).