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Creating a touristic trail in Truso gorge

The Truso Valley is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. Tens of thousands of tourists visit it every year due to its location at the foot of Mount Kazbek. The valley is several dozen kilometers long – with a spectacular rocky gully of the Terek River at the beginning and the Truso pass on the Georgian-Ossetian border at the end. There are two routes leading to the valley that are accessible to pedestrians, motorists and tourists riding horses.

Geological and natural formations are the highlights of the Truso Valley: wide travertines (white limestones), hot mineral water sources and lakes with natural gas ejections. Moreover, the remains of old Ossetian villages, cemetery and medieval fortress of Zakagori are located nearby.

The aim of the project was to facilitate accessibility to tourist attractions of the Truso Valley by marking out a new tourist trail through mountain villages of Kobi, Okrokana, Abano, Noukau and Almasiani, the gully and pass of Truso and the Zakagori fortress. Six Georgian markers, who marked the trail, had been trained beforehand. 5 panoramic screens and 20 signposts with the information about estimated time of the route and mileage will be installed on the trail, as well as marking and protection of the mineral water sources. Additionally, footbridges were installed in several places throughout the trail that can be used by vehicles.

Project value: 108 547 pln (for the purpose of conversion 1 euro = 4,1749 pln)