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Cooperation with Georgia in the area of drug prevention

In Georgia the situation of addicted persons and the institutions that try to help them is in need of improvement. The things that contributed to this situation included Georgia’s difficult economic situation after the collapse of the USSR and the lack of cooperation between public institutions dealing with drug addiction and entities of the so-called third sector operating in this field. The experiences of Poland and of other European Union countries show that combining the potential of public institutions and non-governmental organisations in measures to reduce the problem of drugs and drug addiction has brought measurable effects.

Cooperation with Georgia in the area of drug prevention

The project was implemented from 1 January to 31 December 2013. The implementing institution was the National Bureau for Drug Prevention, and the local partner was the Centre for Mental Health and Drug Prevention. The main objective was to provide support for addicted persons, including “problematic” drug users, and for their families and relatives.

The project was aimed at improving the professional skills of specialists from Georgian government institutions and NGOs, on the basis of the best practices applied in EU countries. Plans also included the establishment of an internet counselling service for drug users.

In the course of the project, training was organised for 5 Georgian internet counselling specialists, and a study visit was held for 12 Georgians, who became broadly acquainted with the system for fighting drug addiction in the EU based on Poland’s example. There was also a week-long internship for 2 Georgian experts in the field of prevention and treatment of drug addiction in the headquarters of the Merkury Foundation. The first internet counselling service was created in Georgia for drug users seeking help to overcome their addiction.