Polska pomoc


Contributing to increasing quality of development education in Poland by promoting the method which stimulates critical thinking, offering quality educational resources for primary schools and close co-operation with teachers

The project was addressed to primary school pupils and teachers. It was intended e.g. to raise the awareness of global interrelations among teachers, educators and employees of non-governmental organisations. It was inspired by a diagnosis according to which teaching aids related to global education available in Poland do not sufficiently develop critical thinking skills. Moreover, there are no specific and effective exercises with form and content adjusted to needs of this age group. In consequence, teachers do not have proper resources that could be used as teaching aids in the education of primary school children.

The project involved training dedicated to the methods of philosophical enquiries and their tools. The training was attended by 72 participants. The current state of knowledge of the youngest children about global education was assessed on the basis of the results of surveys conducted in primary schools with 2 160 children. In addition, a set of 15 lesson plans for primary school children was developed. In order to develop critical thinking skills in the youngest pupils, a series of classes related to global education were organised in schools. It is estimated that the number of beneficiaries of this project (both teachers and students) amounted together to ca. 4 500 people.