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Continuation of the medical and educational activities in Kakooge in Uganda

Inhabitants of Uganda's Nakasongola district, located a few dozen kilometres from Kampala, have limited access to basic medical care. The most common health problems faced by the local community include abdominal cavity disorders, gynaecological ailments and complications associated with umbilical hernia. The lack of access to running water and sanitation and poor hygiene contribute to the spread of infectious diseases. Mortality rate among women and babies due to perinatal complications remains high. Only half of deliveries are carried out by medical staff.

Creating the opportunity to provide health care locally is a chance to improve the health of local inhabitants. Preventive health can also play a role: women should take part in gynaecological and educational activities focused on raising awareness about the prevention of STDs.

The Polish Medical Mission (PMM) has been providing humanitarian assistance, financed from the development aid, in East Africa since 2011. In 2013-2014 in Nakasongola, PMM equipped hospital rooms in Kakooge and provided an ambulance. In addition to emergency medical care, the hospital also provides local residents with preventive measures consisting of periodic screening and basic surgeries. The project continues previous PMM activities in Kakooge and is based on a trusted partnership with the Kakooge Health Centre.

Continuation of the medical and educational activities in Kakooge in Uganda

The project will take place in March to December 2015 in the 15 villages of the Ugandan district of Nakasangola. The project will be carried out by the Polish Medical Mission and a local partner, the Franciscan Health Centre in Kakooge.

The project’s aim is to increase access to medical care and strengthen the competencies of medical workers and other staff providing medical assistance. Training will be carried out on care for expectant mothers, labour and child birth and proper care for new-born babies. In addition, a mobile clinic program will be implemented to provide medical consultation and screening. Polish doctors will take part in consultation and training operations on a voluntary basis.

In addition, the ambulance purchased from Polish development aid funds and medical centres in villages will be equipped with delivery and first aid kits, while the birthing room in Kakooge is will receive a modern gynaecological bed.

Continuation of the medical and educational activities in Kakooge in Uganda

The project provided the delivery room equipment, ambulances and medical facilities with delivery and first aid kits, gynaecological tools and a delivery bed. 13 medical staff at the hospital in Kakooge were trained as well as 15 village health workers in surrounding villages. Training for village health workers covered the basics of hygiene and care for expectant mothers and new-borns, expanded health education and prevention of the spread of infectious diseases. Thanks to the educational activities, the quality of care for pregnant women, mothers and children has been raised. Furthermore, with the help of volunteers from Poland, 32 paediatric hernia training operations were carried out. As a result, local medical staff are able to perform simple hernia and lipoma surgeries.