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Civil service training for Eastern Partnership countries

The Department of Development Cooperation, in cooperation with the National School of Public Administration (KSAP), has organized a civil service training on 21-25 October 2013. The training was carried out in the framework of the Eastern Partnership Academy of Public Administration. 29 public administration representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine took part in the course.

During the lectures and workshops, participants learned about the rules and practices of civil service , i.a. regulations, selected civil service models in EU countries, human resources management in EU institutions, high-level personnel appointment, changing trends in the civil service in EU countries.

In addition to the course,  study visits were organised to the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Administration and Digitization.

The choice of subject was connected with Poland’s commitment as a co-chairman in one of the theme areas in the Eastern Partnership expert panel on civil administration reform support - „Area 1 - civil and public service laws/statutes/rules of recruitment”. The implementation of this module is Poland’s contribution to the civil service programme panel.

Participants positively assessed the matter and the form of the trainings dedicated to representatives of 5 EP countries. The practical activities in the form of workshops were particularly popular. This formula allowed for an exchange of knowledge and experience in implementing the public administration reform in the given countries.

The training in the EPAPA civil service system is the second of three training modules planned in 2013. The first applied to the self-government reform and was directed at Georgian officials. The third will apply to European negotiations. It will take place on 18-22 November with the participation of public administration units’ representatives from Moldova.

The Academy has been organised since 2011 in cooperation with the National School of Public Administration. Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced the creation of the EPAPA at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Warsaw (29-30 September 2011). The programme is financed from the Polish development aid funds.

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