Polska pomoc


Change your habits for good. Buy clothes and electronics responsibly! - project activating polish teachers and students of lower and upper secondary school level to act for global South

The purpose of the project was to draw students' and teachers' attention to development issues and to develop greater responsibility in them when making consumer choices e.g. during purchases of clothes and electronic devices. As part of the project activities, an interactive on-line game was developed entitled ‘Sewn with thick threads’ (a Polish idiom meaning ‘plain as a pikestaff’), which presents the situation of textile industry employees in developing countries in simulative manner. The game is available on-line and is a part of the repository for teachers, representatives of educational institutions and non-governmental organisations involved in global education issues. The repository contains 61 teaching aids, i.e. lesson plans, reports, visual aids and games developed by Polish and foreign authors in the recent few years.

The project also involved teacher training in global education and responsible consumption, with the use of a specially prepared e-learning platform and workshops for 115 students that prepared them to plan and take action within the Global Education Week (GEW). The events within GEW were attended by 640 people. The initiatives accompanying GEW also involved the relatives of students and the inhabitants of given towns and cities, as a result of which the number of intermediate recipients amounted to ca. 1 500 people. Supporting activities included the organisation of international methodology workshops for teachers and representatives of non-governmental organisations, as well as a symposium dedicated to the quality of global education in Poland. The project was promoted on the Internet via social media and the websites: www.ekonsument.pl and www.globalnepoludnie.pl.