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Chance for the Youth of Bwaise. Support for grassroots initiatives for improvement of employment opportunities in the largest slum of Kampala

Bwaise is located in the capital city of Uganda – in Kampala, in the southern part of the country at the Lake Victoria. Kampala is a major economic and political centre of a country with approx. 1.7 million residents. Bwaise region is slums and has approx. 1.92 km2 in area, with approx. 90,000 residents. It is located in the Kawempe administrative district. Bwaise is the poorest and the most densely populated area in the capital city of Kampala, and it faces all the typical problems that arise in such places. It needs to be noted that according to the World Bank's statistics of 2012, Uganda is the second youngest society in the world (after Niger), with 83% of its population aged 30 or less. Moreover, the research shows that 62% young people are unemployed.

Most of the teenagers that graduate from schools have no regular source of income, and as many as 61.6% of the respondents had no source of income whatsoever. Importantly, the majority of that group was comprised by young Ugandans residing in urbanised regions, where competition on the labour market requires competences that are not necessary to do simple physical work, which is more easily available in the regions that are less developed economically.

The volunteer project continues the cooperation of the volunteer with AFFCAD, a local NGO, as a consultant, that commenced in 2010. Over that period, the volunteer had the opportunity to learn the statutory objectives and the current activity of the emerging organisation, to meet its members and charges.

Chance for the Youth of Bwaise. Support for grassroots initiatives for improvement of employment opportunities in the largest slum of Kampala

The project assumes providing organisational support for the local activity of the Action for Fundamental Change and Development (AFFCAD) organisation that runs the Bwaise Youth Employment Centre initiative. It is the only such project in the Bwaise district. Institutional support for AFFCAD is of key importance to ensure sustainability and development of the actions to improve vocational opportunities of young people living in Bwaise District on the labour market.

The volunteer will train AFFCAD members, putting emphasis on the need to professionalise the organisation using tools within the area of development projects management. The training will improve the qualifications of the persons involved in the project, increase the transparency of division of duties and the efficiency of the actions. Training related to monitoring and evaluation of projects will provide the necessary knowledge to better control the results of the projects, which will in turn increase the credibility of the organisations to the future donors. Introducing a methodology of project cycles will help in planning actions more efficiently, so it will ensure a better financial stability for the organisation.

An important part of the project will cover trainings held for participants of vocational courses at the Bwaise Youth Employment Centre in the areas identified during the preliminary stage of this undertaking (basics of self-presentation techniques, preparing for a job interview, drafting application letters and CVs, using social media to promote their business). The volunteer will also prepare one member of the organisation to take over the trainings after the volunteer's departure – within peer-to-peer learning.

The project is a comprehensive response to the need of support of an existing initiative that is intended to improve vocational opportunities on the labour market for young people residing in the Bwaise area.

The activity in favour of increasing the vocational opportunities on the labour market among young people contributes to the Millennium Development Goal related to education and supports the gender equality demand, increasing the ability to earn money in the case of women residing in the biggest slums in the capital city of Uganda.

Chance for the Youth of Bwaise. Support for grassroots initiatives for improvement of employment opportunities in the largest slum of Kampala

During the implementation of the project, volunteer carried out 102.5 h of consultations and prepared and conducted a cycle of trainings in Project Cycle Management, as well as monitoring and evaluating development projects, for 9 employees of the partner organization Action for Fundamental Change and Development in Kampala, Uganda.

Volunteer prepared and carried out a cycle of trainings for 206 participants of vocational courses in Bwaise Youth Employment Centre within the scope of abilities required in the process of job searching, which took 123 h in total. Volunteer has checked the progress of participants knowledge, using evaluation surveys, in which she also verified the participants opinion on the level of satisfaction and usefulness of the implemented trainings.

Within the scope of the project, volunteer helped in creating of mini-entrepreneurship of Social Economy – sewing factory UNIQUE AFFCAD, where youth from Bwaise slams can use in practice the abilities they gained during courses carried out in the institute.