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Carrying medical help and developing education among people in Kiabakari, in Mara region in Tanzania

In the time period between September 30th and December 31st Foundation of Humanitarian Aid "Redemptoris Missio" in cooperation with Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati Health Centre executed a project concerning medical aid and health education addressed to children, youths, and local community in Kiabakari in Mara region (Tanzania).

The project was undertaken in response to the request of the Health Centre in Kiabakari to reinforce its staff with qualified medical personnel. A small number of qualified staff employed at the Health Centre was insufficient in comparison to need of the local community, and knowledge of the local staff was often inadequate. The immediate objective of the project was to provide basic medical health care (caring for the sick hospitalized and received on an outpatient basis, working as a part of the outbound clinic, as well as mother and child health clinic, assisting with procedures, laboratory work). The long-term objectives were persecuted through health education, health promotion programmes,  promoting awareness of the threat of disease and how to avoid it. The beneficiaries of the long-term objectives were not only local community  (children, youth, patients), but also the local medical staff (training and according to the needs supplementary education to fill the gaps in the basic knowledge and abilities). Another aspect of the project was to gain experience and knowledge about the problems of the institution and the local community through the volunteer. Foundation established a long-term cooperation with the institutions, i.e. support by providing them with the necessary assortment (medications, dressing and educational materials).

The volunteer participating in the project helped in caring for approximately 1,400 patients per month, among whom approximately 400 test for the presence of malaria were performed. The volunteer also conducted classes concerning hygiene and health education among 191 female high school students. She also dealt with health education (hygiene, preventive health care, prevention of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other contagious diseases) among the patients of the institute, especially among pregnant women and children. The outbound clinic took place two times and in the targeted village approximately 70 women with children were received.