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Caritas educational offer for Syrian refugee children in Jordan

Due to the ongoing conflict in Syria humanitarian situation of the local population has been deteriorating. More and more refugees is flooding into neighbouring countries causing social and economic problems. The second main country hosting Syrian refugees is Lebanon. The authorities are unable to provide all the refugees with access to education and work. Thus it exists an urgent need of integrating the refugees into the Jordanian society, because it is impossible to predict how long the Syrians will have to stay in exile. The particular support is required for children. They had been forced to abandon their schools and in Jordan they are devoid of possibility to continue their education. The Caritas’ Polska project filled the gap in the system of educational services rendered to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Its aim was to provide informal education and rehabilitating-educational assistance to Syrian children. Additional goal was to support their parents and help them to acquire professional skills which allow them to earn an income for their families.

The overall number of the project’s beneficiaries amounted to 900 persons in six localities in Jordan. The refugees covered with the project can be divided into four target groups:

  • 600 children in the age of 6 to 14 from six localities – classes in informal education
  • 120 persons in the age of 14 to 40 from five localities – vocational workshops
  • 30 disabled children in the age of 6 to 18 from five localities – educational therapy and psychotherapy
  • 150 Syrian children – awareness-educational workshops.

A local partner of Caritas Polska was Caritas Jordan. The project was a continuation of educational activities carried out by both organizations in 2012. The project was implemented from June to December 2013 (7 months).