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Canteen for Tegh School

The aim of the project was to improve schooling conditions in the school of Tegh. The idea was to create an opportunity for children to eat a hot meal in the canteen, with proper, high standard hygiene levels.

Tegh is a tiny town, situated in southern Armenia in Syunik province, nearby Azerbaijan border. Its population is approximated around 3 thousand citizens.

There are 165 students in local school No 2. The facility is located in a three-floored building. During the military actions the top floor and plumbing system were partly damaged. Overall condition of the building was worsen by lack of refurbishment and renovations, which could not be afforded neither by the school nor by local administration.

School was missing a canteen. Rooms, in which food preparation took place before, were destroyed. Those rooms were refurbished as a result of a project: floors were replaced with new ones, walls and roof were renovated, plumbing system was completely overhauled and adjusted to supply the kitchen. The whole object was refurnished.

Project value: 33 190 pln (for the purpose of conversion 1 euro = 4,1749 pln).