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Campaign FEED THE WORLD – popularization of the problem of hunger in the world and the idea of food sovereignty

The project “Feed the World” coordinated by theAllianceof Associations Polish Green Network between 1 June and 31 December 2011 in Warsaw, Lublin and Rzeszow, aimed at raising awareness of the Polish society about the causes of global hunger, and the necessity of supporting the effective ways to reduce it on the individual and collective level.

As part of the project activities, the Alliance organised a festival “Food on the plate” in three Polish cities. The festival included 6 screenings of documentary films related to the topics of hunger and food in the world, and 7 discussion panels about several aspects of hunger and malnutrition. A total of 570 people participated in the festival activities, including 11 experts and guests from Polish and international NGOs. 255 people participated in 9 workshops about various aspects of sustainable development in the context of fighting hunger and malnutrition around the world. 3 concerts promoting topics of the projects were organised in three cities and attended by approx. 500 people. In each city, the exhibition “Food and society” was shown, that gathered a total of 8,000 people.

Another component of the project was publishing and distribution of 12,000 copies of an informational brochure “Is hunger-free world possible?”, and 500 copies of a calendar “Solidarity in the fight against hunger!”. Informational materials and 7 articles about the topics of the project were published and are available on the website of the project’s coordinator.